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LUNA Warpbox – new FPGA W&B IP-Core

Low-latency, high performance warp correction processor for 2D media and 3D simulation solutions.

LUNA Warpbox

The LUNA Warpbox is a warp and image correction processor for 2D media and 3D simulation, which includes rotation up to +/-180° as well as upscaling and downscaling. Thanks to its pixel warping ability the warpbox can process complex and even nonlinear warp configurations. Bilinear and bicubic subpixel interpolation is available with up to 1/16 in x and y resolution.

LUNA Warpbox – key features

  • Filtering: bilinear and bicubic interpolation

  • All corrections applied with full resolution

  • 4K with 60 Hz

  • Warp capabilities MPCDI 2d/3d level 2

  • MPCDI color correction level 4

  • Blend & black level correction

  • True 10-bit per color input/output

  • 24-bit per color internal color processing

  • Build-in and customizable test image

Warping for single & multi channel projections

  • Initial Image

  • Image with low level warp

  • Image with high level warp, turned 180°

The warp processor can apply pixel warping conforming to MPCDI v2.0 on 2D media level 2 and 3D simulation level 2 to a video stream at full resolution. The 4K version of LUNA can process resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz or pixel clock up to 600 Mpixels/sec.

At resolutions of 3840x2400px and 4096x2160px at 60 Hz or 2560x1600px at 120 Hz in true 10-bit per color (24 bits per color internal), 1.8 times as many pixels can be written to the framebuffer, allowing an average image stretch of 80% at full resolution. Thanks to pixel warping, complex or nonlinear warp geometry is possible, such as flipping and rotating the image by any angle.

The warp processor is implemented with low latency interframe processing capabilities, meaning the write framebuffer can be safely read while writing. There is a fixed processing time of 50 image lines for any resolution, with the vertical warp shift making up the rest of the total processing time. LUNA is integrated with ProjectionTools, providing convenient multi-channel projection support.

Warping for Multi-Projector Systems on a new level

Blend and black level adjustment (MPCDI Alpha and Beta Mapping) can be applied for each color down to pixel level. For further color correction purposes, RGB LUT & RGB primaries are implemented according to MPCDI v2.0.

The high image quality is guaranteed by the internal color processing, with 24 bits per color (72 bits per pixel) used continuously during the image processing pipeline. Therefore, true 10-bit support is available on DisplayPort 1.4 input and output.

LUNA Warpbox configuration

The LUNA Warpbox configuration is generated by tools such as® ProjectionTools. It comprises an MPCDI format warp configuration as well as blend and black level configurations. The LUNA Warpbox is fully configurable via Ethernet using either the web front end or a configuration file upload.

LUNA Warpbox specification

Technical DataLUNA Warpbox
Video type

DisplayPort 1.4 (17.28 Gbit/s) Input/ Output

Number of channels


Pixel rate

Warping with up to 600 Mpixels/sec

Example resolutions

2560x1600x10bpc at 120 Hz, 3840x2400x10bpc at 60 Hz,
4096x2160x10bpc at 60 Hz, 4096x2400x8bpc at 60 Hz


10-bit per color on input and output/ 24-bit per color internal color processing


MPCDI 2D Media level 2 and MPCDI 3D Simulation level 2 (pixel warping)

Image stretch

Average image stretch < 80% at full resolution

Latency and video timing

Interframe processing with a fixed processing time of 50 image lines added to the vertical warp displacement. No video retiming (standard), retiming possible. Stable video mode (changes on the RX-side can be hidden from the TX-side).


Bilinear and bicubic interpolation 1/16 Pixel subpixel accuracy.
Preinstalled interpolation methods including bell shaped and B-spline

Color correction

Color correction MPCDI level 4 (including gamma LUTs, RGB color LUTs and RGB primaries).

Blend and black level correction

Down to per pixel RGB blend and black level correction

EDID control

Loadable EDID, EDID passthrough


Via Ethernet (including a web interface)
Start configuration; backup and restore
Integrated with domeprojection ProjectionTools


Video pass-through
User defined resolution and timing
Predefined, loadable pattern/images
OSD and Display for showing current state, name and IP-address

Input power

100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 50 Watt


438 x 88 x 320 mm (2U)


5.5 kg


2 years



Purchase information

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