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ProjectionTools: patented high-end camera-based auto-align solution.

ProjectionTools makes alignment process of multiple projectors quick and easy.

Our warp and blend software solution ProjectionTools, generates calibration data that results in a perfectly warped and blended projection, combined with meticulous and precise corrections of color, black levels, and numerous other parameters.

  • Domes

  • Cylinders

  • Spherical Screens

  • Flat Screens

  • Caves

  • 3 D Objects and Buildings

ProjectionTools - Product Family and Field of Use® ProjectionTools Product Family

CR - Creator

2D - Mapper2D

3D - Mapper3D

PG - PatternGenerator

PM - MapperPM

AL - Align

ProjectionTools is a comprehensive suite of software tools specifically designed for multi-projection systems. It offers a range of features that support calibration, alignment, and content adaptation for multi-channel projection setups.

Fields of use:

  • Visual Display Systems for Simulation and Training
  • Fulldomes, Spheres and Dome Cinemas
  • 360° Immersive Cinema
  • Virtual-, Augmented- and Mixed Reality (interactive) Environments

  • Projection Mapping on Objects and Buildings

    • LED Wall Calibration (Virtual Film Production, Events, Trade Shows etc.)

How it works: Industrial PoE cameras capture test patterns that are displayed with a pattern generator and then send these patterns to the software for analysis. Once the analysis is complete, the resulting data is exported to the image generators. The projected images are then precisely warped and blended on the screen.® ProjectionTools are currently available in two packages.

ProjectionTools Pro AV

For complex and large AV projections. One or more cameras, or camera positions, enable a quick and easy measurement and auto alignment. Several exports to media-server, including Projection Mapping.

Depending on the size and complexity of the projection surface, one or more cameras or camera positions enable quick and easy measurement.

  • PG - PatternGenerator
  • CR - Creator
  • 2D - Mapper2D
  • PM - MapperPM
  • AL - Align

    ProjectionTools Pro SIM

    Pro SIM is the toolset for all tasks with demanding requirements for maximum precision and accuracy. For realistic realtime immersive simulations, e.g. flight or driving. Especially for night scenes, black-level corrections can be calculated for each projection. Supports several image generators, 3D engines. This complete toolset is also used for all complex AV and ProjectionMapping installation.

    Supports all type of screens, all mappings, virtual cameras

    • PG - PatternGenerator
    • CR - Creator
    • 2D - Mapper2D
    • PM - MapperPM
    • 3D - Mapper3D
    • AL - Align
    • nWarp - Warp & Blend on nVidia graphics card

    ProjectionTools 5.2 – Major Updates and Releases® ProjectionTools 5.2 released

    ProjectionsTools 5.2 – a new major version with many new features, improvements and automatizations is released.

    • Multiple camera positions are now supported for calibrated fisheye cameras
    • Extended support for Warper4K
    • Support for Basler cameras
    • Localisation (english, german, chinese)
    • LED wall calibration support
    • Online documentation

    On the details page of you find an overview of current changes and features. On the Change-log page you find details of older versions of ProjectionTools.

    Basic Workflow of a warp and blend software solution

    Basic workflow to align multiple projectors using ProjectionTools

    The domeprojection ProjectionTools consist of several interconnected software components. The measurement process starts with an initial recording of the room's geometry and the optical measurement of each individual projection surface, with the assistance of the installed camera or cameras. Used tools: ProjectionTools Creator (CR) and the PatternGenerator (PG). 

    The measurement result is captured and calculated by the Mapper 2D (2D) tool. With the assistance of the integrated Clipping Editor feature, the edges of the image and other desired areas can be cleanly masked if needed. The final result is then exported, providing various exporter options for different hardware/software products.

    ProjectionTools supports a wide range of well-known projector manufacturers, including Barco, Norxe, and even consumer-grade projectors. Moreover, the system is compatible with nearly all professional media server systems, such as Watchout, Resolume, Pixera, and Green Hippo etc. Click here to see all supported media server and here to see all supported image generators

    Watch this video to learn how ProjectonTools can help to align multiple projectors quick and easy.

    Watch this video to learn how to align multiple projectors with ProjectionTools and how to achieve seamless multi-channel projection, delivering perfect warping and blending results, matched geometry, and the highest color and image quality. 

    The video tutorial here is intended for a quick introduction to the software. It shows initiating a project within the ProjectionTools Creator (CR). Other videos show the process of exporting to different media servers such as Watchout, Resolume, Hippotizer, Pixera or 3D engines like Unreal or Unity.

    Version Comparison

    domeprojection ProjectionTools are currently available in two suites.

    All suites will provide you with tools which are easy to use and flexible to fetch out the maximum quality of your projection display.

    The software is licensed per channel, which is typically one projection-channel. If the projector is fed by multiple sources, it might be more. Each channel has one correction set (warping, blending, black level correction).

    On the Change-log page you find details of older versions of ProjectionTools.

    Overview ProjectionTools Features

    Pro AVPro Sim


    Calibrated Fisheye Cameras



    Calibrated Perspective Cameras



    3D Reconstruction

    Uncalibrated Cameras







    Spherical LongLat/Polar



    Multiple Mappings

    Virtual Cameras

    Export® Generic


    Warp Software

    Warp Units

    Media Server

    Image Generator

    Dynamic Warping (Advanced 3D)









    ATP Control

    Collimator Support (Warp 2D Modifier)

    – included

    * – calibrated non-fisheye cameras required

    Media Servers

    Media Server2DPM*3DDW*WarpingBlendingBlack-Level-Correction

    Hippotizer (Green Hippo)


    Watchout (Dataton)



    Pandoras Box (Christie)

    Pixera (AV Stumpfl)

    Wings (AV Stumpfl)

    7thSense Delta Media Server


    MX Wendler

    RSA Cosmos

    Sciss Uniview


    *DW - Dynamic Warping      *PM - Projection Mapping

    – possible

    ()* – limited

    Image Generators

    Image Generators2DPM*3DDW*WarpingBlendingBlack-Level-Correction

    Diamond Visionics Genesis







    Quantum3D MANTIS








    *DW - Dynamic Warping      *PM - Projection Mapping

    – possible

    3D Engines

    3D Engines2DPM*3DDW*WarpingBlendingBlack-Level-Correction



    *DW - Dynamic Warping      *PM - Projection Mapping

    – possible

    Warp Hardware

    Warp Hardware2DPM*3DDW*WarpingBlendingBlack-Level-Correction

    3d Perception nBox



    Barco HDX


    Barco MCM

    Barco Pulse

    Barco WB


    Christie Twist


    Digital Projection

    NVIDIA® Quadro (NWarp)


    NORXE Unify

    *DW - Dynamic Warping      *PM - Projection Mapping

    – possible

    ()* – limited

    Warp Software

    Warp Software2DPM*3DDW*WarpingBlendingBlack-Level-Correction

    ImmersaView SimVisuals



    nWarp SDK

    *DW - Dynamic Warping      *PM - Projection Mapping

    – possible