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The® Software Development Kit (SDK) enables any DirectX or OpenGL based computer program to apply ProjectionTools warping, blending and black level correction data – independent of specific warp and blend hardware.

SDK Features:

  • viewpoint dependent, dynamic warping: truly perspective correct, perfectly blended projections on curved screens for fixed eye points or changing in real-time (dynamic warping)

  • two shading passes: both support clipping, uniformity correction, color uniformity and shading

  • black level correction: supports monochrome or colored black level correction (blc)

  • arbitrary virtual camera: no limitation – supports symmetric and asymmetric frusta and the camera can be freely orientated in yaw, pitch and roll

  • Each feature can be enabled or disabled during runtime as well as applied by a custom amount.

The very compact interface of the SDK makes the integration as simple as possible. It allows customers to quickly introduce alignment without any loss in performance ( license required).

Here you can find a selection of currently supported image generators or 3D engines:

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