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On-Site System Calibration Service

Worldwide calibration service, support and maintenance

With our extensive experience in calibrating hundreds of highly complex multi-channel projections on diverse screens, we are delighted to offer you our efficient and cost-effective calibration service.

  • At domeprojection we take care of every aspect of your calibration needs. We meticulously plan and implement an auto-alignment system customized for your specific project. Our dedicated team handles the complete installation of the calibration system and conducts the initial calibration to ensure optimal performance.

  • To streamline operations and simplify maintenance, we provide system automation, enabling easy operation by your maintenance personnel. We understand the importance of seamless integration, and our developer team can quickly and effortlessly integrate any required interfaces or exporters into our ProjectionTools software.

  • When you require calibration as a standalone service, we bring our cutting-edge camera equipment and high-end measuring technology to ensure precision and accuracy.

  • Rest assured that our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond calibration. Our support system is available to assist you even after the calibration process is complete. Unless you have a dedicated maintenance contract, our support team is ready to promptly address your inquiries during normal office hours, from Monday to Friday, 08:30h to 16:30h (GMT+1 or GMT+2 during daylight saving time).

Contact us today to discuss your calibration needs and benefit from our industry-leading services and support.