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Service and Support

On-Site and Remote Training

ProjectionTools training

At domeprojection we offer comprehensive training programs to prepare our customers to work with ProjectionTools. Our training sessions are individually tailored and based on a modular concept that takes your specific needs into account.

Whether you prefer on-site sessions at your premises or at our Magdeburg office, or remote training at a time and place of your convenience, we've got you covered. During the training, you'll gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

 Contact us today to schedule your training session!

Explore the Power of domeprojection ProjectionTools!

ProjectionTools tutorials

Discover the features and capabilities of® ProjectionTools through our comprehensive video series. In these videos, we look in depth at how ProjectionTools can effectively address various scenarios and help you achieve outstanding results. Start watching the videos today!

How to Update your ProjectionTools Software


The domeprojection software packages of ProjectionTools are protected by the CodeMeter Licensing System. All licenses are saved on your CodeMeter stick.

In the following instructions, all steps to update licenses on the CodeMeter Stick are explained in detail.

Read the instruction here.

Support Center

If you have any technical questions about our software or projects, please contact us via our support center. You will receive a ticket number with which you can keep track of your inquiry’s processing progress.

Unless you have a dedicated maintenance contract we will support you as soon as possible during normal office hours from Monday to Friday, 08:00h to 16:00h (CET/CEST)

Precise Calibration Services for Multi-Channel Projections

System calibration service

Experience efficient and cost-effective calibration services for complex multi-channel projections on any screen.

Our expert team plans, implements, and automates the alignment system, ensuring seamless operation. Additionally, we offer dedicated calibration services with advanced equipment for precise results.

Achieve optimal performance for your projection projects with our professional and quick calibration service.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and benefit from our expertise.

Color Calibration for Projectors

Color calibration with ColorMatch

For a visually appealing and uniform projection, a calibration of the color spectrum of the projectors is necessary.® calls this process ColorMatch. For this purpose, the so-called gamut of each projector is determined by means of a measuring device. We use photogrammetrical measuring methods and devices, for example, Disto 3D, BLK 360 or MS50/60.

The results of all projectors are compared. A common gamut is calculated, which can be reached by all projectors. Uniform brightness is also defined and a compliant white point is calculated and set. The results of all calculations are finally loaded onto each projector. Currently, we are able to apply this precision process to Zeiss, Sony, Digital Projection and Barco projectors.

Are you interested in this service?

Calibrated Cameras for Perfect Measurements

Camera calibration

We use calibrated cameras to measure projection surfaces to improve the accuracy of the overall calibration for our quality-conscious customers.

By employing a complex calibration process, the chip geometry of the camera and the distortion of the dedicated lens is measured.

The resulting data is saved and directly included into the calibration project. Using calibrated cameras and lenses will improve the quality of the projection system calibration by excluding measurement errors from the hardware.

Rental of Professional Cameras and 3d Measurement Instruments

Hardware rental

For our customers, we offer rental of hardware in addition to our wide range of software tools and services. You can choose between high-precision measurement instruments or calibrated camera systems.

The following hardware components are available:

  • Canon 5d Mark II, 14mm fixed focal length, calibrated
  • Canon 6d, 14mm fixed focal length, calibrated
  • AVT Oscar, fixed focal length 4.2mm, calibrated
  • IDS μEye 5480, fixed focal length 4.0mm, calibrated
  • Camera and measuring stands
  • Leica 3D Disto
  • Leica Multistation MS 50