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Hardware for Professional Projection Systems

NBlend - Optical Blend Mask

Patented solution for creating professional optical blend masks

The optical blend values are calculated based on the accurate calibration data and thus produce a highly accurate interference-free projection.

The newly developed combination of a unique mask holder mechanics and the ProjectionTools optical blend mask functions, take optical blending to a whole new level.

Coded LED Marker Set

Automated re-calibration using coded LED Markers

The use of active or passive markers is crucial for accurate projection mapping.

Coded LED markers offer a more reliable and efficient option for automated recalibration. The ProjectionTools AL - Auto Alignment system utilizes the unique identifiers of these markers to detect their position and minimize the chances of failure during the process.

With the ability to connect directly via Ethernet and power up to 20 markers via PoE or a separate power supply, the system offers a convenient and effective solution for projection setup.

Calibration Panels

Professional customizable panels for calibrating visual systems

domeprojection offers professional calibration panels for visual systems that are individually designed and manufactured for each customer based on their specific requirements. These precision reference sources are necessary for accurate calibration of camera systems like Intel-Real Sense or Open CV. The size and accuracy of the panels are customized based on the size of the measured space and are tested and measured or photogrammetrically determined using certified coordinate measurement techniques.

Each panel comes with a certificate of accuracy and is delivered in a high-quality suitcase for safe transportation and storage.