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Innovative Solutions for Professional Projection Systems

Innovative Solutions for Professional Projection Systems

With domeprojection's ProjectionTools large format content can be projected onto arbitrarily shaped screens or objects.

Our projector alignment solution is used for immersive simulations, trainings or spectacular audiovisual projections.

With large format content can be projected onto arbitrarily shaped screens or objects. Our solution is used for simulations, trainings or spectacular audiovisual projections.

Try out ProjectionTools! Request our demo download here.
Check out our new tutorials showing exports to Watchout, Resolume, Hippotizer, Pixera or 3D engines like Unreal or Unity.

Our Expertise

Hard- and software for your perfect projection


domeprojection has a proven track record in the simulation and training industry.
  • IG Vendors
  • Integrators
  • Defence and Aerospace Industry
  • Naval Industry
  • Automotive
  • R&D 


Multi projector warping and blending becomes quick and easy.
  • Design-Studios
  • Integrators
  • Planetariums
  • Virtual Studios
  • Event Agencies
  • Museums


Easily align and warp your content onto complex surfaces or any shaped objects.
  • R & D Companies
  • Universities
  • Education
  • Schools
  • Medical Training
  • Quality Management

Auto Alignment with ProjectionTools

What are the benefits of a camera-based auto alignment system?

  • Both fixed installations and live events can greatly benefit from the speed and precision offered by an auto alignment system designed for multiple projectors.

  • ProjectionTools can communicate with allmost all commercially available simulation platforms, image generators, 3D engines and media server systems.

  • Plug-ins for 3D engines such as Unreal and Unity, along with our corresponding Software Development Kit (SDK), are integral components of our multi projector alignment solution.

How to align multiple projectors?

Aligning multiple projectors can be a time-consuming task, seamless integration from one projector channel to the next is essential.

Excellent image

Your audience will always see a high-quality multi-projection image.

Low maintenance

Re-align the entire system automatically.

Fast set-up

Shortened set-up time reduces labour costs. 


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VIOSO acquires

Düsseldorf-based company VIOSO GmbH, a global provider of automated calibration solutions for complex projection and visual systems, has acquired all shares of GmbH.

domeprojection Tradeshows and Events

domeprojection – upcoming shows

With a global presence at the most important trade fairs worldwide like I/ITSEC, ISE - Integrated Sytems Europe or infocomm, our team is excited to showcase our latest innovations and connect with industry professionals. Don't miss the chance to visit us at our next event and learn more about our innovative projection technologies. We look forward to meeting you!

    IPS Conference 2024

    Join us at IPS 2024, This conference is pivotal for the planetriums community.

    • IPS 2024

    • July 18-25, 2024.

    • Jena & Berlin