Projection alignment Software & Hardware Tools

Projection alignment Software & Hardware Tools

Projection alignment Software & Hardware Tools

Projection alignment Software & Hardware Tools

Projection alignment Software & Hardware Tools

Projection alignment Software & Hardware Tools

What solution are you looking for?

Simulation & Training

Are you a professional in the area of simulation – for example, driving simulation or flight simulation. Do you aim at a realistic simulation setup with narrow cockpits and night view situations? Do you need a high quality projection that is matching accurately to your projection surface and is warping to the eyepoint of the user? Then have a look at our ProjectionTools Sim Suite. We provide high quality projections aligned with accuracy up to 240Hz*. Also, have a look at Luna Warpbox, our new  low latency warp and image correction processor for 2d media and 3d simulation purposes. Warpbox LUNA is the perfect choice for multi projector systems displaying high level simulations and other interactive content. 

VI-grade driving Simulators

VI-simcenter Udine, 3 channels

DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung

ATM Tower Simulator, 18 channels

CSMART Academy

Center for Simulator Maritime Training


Are you a professional in the area of AV? Do you aim at impressive, large scaled media projections with a large number of projectors? Or, do you work with a set of LED Panels and require a smooth image regarding color and blending? Then, have a look at our ProjectionTools Single Cam or AV Suite. Our software solution can be used for planetarium and media based attractions, digital cinema, virtual and augmented reality displays as well as interactive multimedia experiences. We also offer dedicated software solutions for 360° and fulldome video capturing.
Furthermore, we provide mobile projection alignment solutions. With the Stacker Mobile Application you can align your projection stack with a few clicks in seconds.

Omega Museum, Biel

180° & 360° cinemas

Magdeburg in Light

Projection Mapping on cathedral, 9 channels

Telekom Gallery, Bonn

Spline curved screen, 12 channels with autocalibration

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for Simulation, Training & Entertainment

The toolkit for your perfectly matching projections

Our software enables you to align an unlimited number of projectors projecting on any arbitrary screen or surface. ProjectionTools-generated calibration data result in a perfectly warped and blended projection combined with meticulously precise correction of color, black level and many more parameters.

Continuous development and integration of almost all eligible 3rd party AV hard- and software guarantees that ProjectionTools are the most flexible industry-leading auto-alignment solution offering maximum quality for your display system.

Which suite is the right one for you?

Single-Cam AV

The Single-Cam AV package allows you a set-up of a multi channel single camera calibration with a final result of high accuracy and flexibility. A fast set-up and speedy recalibration makes it ideal for staging, rental and events.

Pro AV

The Pro AV suite is the software package for the precise setup of large media installations. Depending on the size and complexity of the projection screen, one or more cameras or camera positions enable a quick and easy measurement.

Pro Sim

Pro SIM is the toolset for simulation and training environments with the demanding requirements of realistic visualization with high precision and accuracy. By adjusting the brightness, clipping, fade-out and blending and black-level correction you will experience realistic immersive flight or driving simulations.

ProjectionTools Plugins & SDK

The plugin technology based on the ProjectionTools SDK allows to load and apply calibration data generated by ProjectionTools into 3D engines. The export data is generated using the Mapper3D which is part of the ProjectionTools Pro Sim suite.
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Our Services

Calibration Grid in Hsinchu

Camera and System

We offer you our time- and cost-efficient calibration service for highly complex multi-channel projections on arbitrary screens.

We are planning and implementing the auto-alignment system for your project as well as provide the complete installation and initial calibration. Finally, we will provide automatization of the complete system for easy operation by maintenance personnel.

In our professional calibration lab, cameras will be calibrated to be used for different distances.

Business People at a Workshop

ProjectionTools Training
(on-site or remote)

In our ProjectionTools training, customers and integrators get prepared to work with our ProjectionTools. We offer individual training units, which are tailored to your needs and based on a modular concept.

Alone or in small groups, we will impart theoretical background know-how and practical skills to you. Sessions can take place on-site at your premise or at our office in Magdeburg. Alternatively we also offer remote training which can be carried out independent of time and place.

We will provide you with the necessary training materials and are also available to assist you after finishing training.

Hardware Tools

for Professional Calibration & Projection Alignment

Luna warpbox preview

Warpbox LUNA

Warpbox LUNA is our new low latency warp and image correction processor for displaying high level simulations and other interactive content.
Luna warpbox preview

Warpbox LUNA

Warpbox LUNA is our new low latency warp and image correction processor for displaying high level simulations and other interactive content.

Coded LED Markers in a body surface

Coded LED Marker Sets

Our active and uniquely identifiable LED Markers system for faster and more reliable autoAlignment of a projection setup.

Calibration Panels

Our professional reference sources for calibrating cameras and visual systems, such as Intel – Real Sense or Open CV systems. 

nBlend - patented optical blend masks

NBlend: patented optical blend solutions

Our professional optical blending masks to provide pure and smooth black for multi-channel projections. 

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Meet us at INFOCOMM CHINA in Beijing: China National Convention Centre (CNCC).
New dates: July 19th – 21st, 2023.

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I/ITSEC 2023

I/ITSEC 2023

Meet our team at the world’s largest modeling, simulation and training experience: I/ITSEC Orlando/USA from November 28th – December 2nd, 2022.

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