Luna Warpbox

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Warping with Precision

The Warpbox LUNA is a new low latency warp and image correction processor for 2d media and 3d simulation purposes. It can process complex and non-linear warp configurations and provides rotation up to +/-180° as well as upscaling and downscaling. The warpbox can be equipped with up to 4 DisplayPort 1.4 video channel cards.

Warpbox LUNA is the perfect choice for multi projector systems displaying high level simulations and other interactive content. It is integrated with ProjectionTools, and therefore providing ideal multi-channel projection support.

LUNA Warpbox will be available in 2022.
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Key Features

  • Warp capabilities MPCDI 2d/3d level 2
  • Color, blend and black level correction MPCDI level 4
  • Filtering: bilinear and bicubic subpixel interpolation up to 1/16
  • All corrections are applied with full resolution
  • 4K with 60 Hz Display Port 1.4 with
  • true 10-bit I/O with 24-bit internal color processing

download the data sheet (1,5 MB)

Warping, Blending and Color Handling with high resolution

In contrast to other warp processors our video pipeline works entirely in linear color space using a resolution of 24 bits per color. This includes warping, interpolation, color correction, and blend and black level correction.

The system is interpolating while warping, with bilinear and bicubic subpixel interpolation on the input video stream in order to provide the best interpolation results. Bilinear and bicubic subpixel interpolation is available with up to 1/16 in x and y resolution. Due to the pixel warping ability the Luna warpbox can process complex and even non-linear warp configurations.


Blending, Black-Level and Color Corrections on Pixel Level

Blend and black level adjustment (MPCDI Alpha and Beta Mapping) can be applied for each color down to pixel level as well. For further color correction purposes a RGB LUT and RGB primaries are implemented according to MPCDI v2.0.

The high image quality is guaranteed by the internal color processing, with 24 bits per color (72 bits per pixel) used continuously during the image processing pipeline. Therefore, true 10-bit support is available on DisplayPort 1.4 input and output.

The warp processing has an interframe processing with a fixed processing time of 50 image lines added to the vertical warp displacement.

Specification LUNA 4K

Technical DataLUNA Warpbox 4K
Video typeDisplayPort 1.4 (17.28 Gbit/s) Input/ Output
Number of channelsUp to 4 channels per case 3 U
Pixel rateWarping with up to 600 Mpixels/sec
Example resolutions2560x1600x10bpc at 120 Hz, 3840x2400x10bpc at 60 Hz,
4096x2160x10bpc at 60 Hz, 4096x2400x8bpc at 60 Hz
Processing10-bit per color on input and output/ 24-bit per color internal color processing
WarpingMPCDI 2D Media level 2 and MPCDI 3D Simulation level 2 (pixel warping)
Image stretchAverage image stretch < 80% at full resolution
Latency and video timingInterframe processing with a fixed processing time of 50 image lines added to the vertical warp displacement
No video retiming (standard), retiming possible
Stable video mode (changes on the RX-side can be hidden from the TX-side)
InterpolationBilinear and bicubic interpolation 1/16 Pixel subpixel accuracy
Preinstalled interpolation methods including bell shaped and B-spline
Color correctionColor correction MPCDI level 4
(including gamma LUTs, RGB color LUTs and RGB primaries)
Blend and black level correctionDown to per pixel RGB blend and black level correction
EDID controlLoadable EDID, EDID passthrough
ConfigurationVia Ethernet (including a web interface)
Start configuration; backup and restore
Integrated with® ProjectionTools
FeaturesVideo pass-through
User defined resolution and timing
Predefined, loadable pattern/images
OSD and Display for showing current state, name and IP-address