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Company information

Company and team GmbH is an innovative company specialized in the development, distribution and related services for hardware and software solutions in the field of projection systems. 

  • Established in 2014 in Magdeburg, Germany, the brand has been a trusted name since 2005. 

  • Collaborating with esteemed partners in Sweden, France, Shanghai, India, Korea, and Singapore, we ensure a global reach for our offerings. Together, we bring forth state-of-the-art technologies and solutions that elevate the possibilities of projection systems.

  • At domeprojection we take pride in our highly skilled and educated team of professionals. With a dedicated team of 11 individuals, we have a wealth of expertise in simulation technology, coding, and IT project management.

Our business

At, we specialize in projecting large format content onto screens or objects of any shape.

Our advanced calibration process, utilizing cameras, ensures accurate adaptation of images to differently shaped screens.

Our ProjectionTools software seamlessly integrates with a wide range of projection and simulation systems, providing versatile interfaces for enhanced compatibility.

As part of our comprehensive service, we offer on-site or remote system setup and intensive training to ensure our customers maximize the potential of our solutions.

Introducing the Luna Warpbox, our latest innovation: This unique and powerful processor, built upon our self-developed FPGA IP core, revolutionizes complex hardware warp and image correction.

Whether it's for simulations, trainings, or awe-inspiring audiovisual projections, our solution delivers exceptional results.

With 3D plugins and a supported software development kit (SDK), we enable the accurate display of 3D content on screens, elevating the visual experience to new heights.

Contact information GmbH
Klausenerstr. 47
39112 Magdeburg/Germany

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 +49 (0) 391 63 60 66 46
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Image credit: Hero-Image from Oliver Brauns, provided under the license conditions of Pixabay