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Software for Professional Projection Systems® ProjectionTools - Warp and Blend Software Solution

What are the domeprojection ProjectionTools?

domeprojection ProjectionTools is the most versatile auto alignment software designed to align multiple projectors for any screen shape. With ProjectionTools, you can achieve seamless multi channel projection, delivering perfect warping and blending results, matched geometry, and the highest color and image quality.

It is scalable from portable, easy-to-use single-camera systems for screens that can be captured by one camera (also supports fisheye lenses) to high-end fixed installations that require multi-camera calibration.

ProjectionTools are available in two different packages

ProjectionTools Pro AV

Pro AV Suite is a comprehensive software package designed for the careful configuration of large media installations, deftly managing well-organised projector setups with over 100 channels.

ProjectionTools Pro SIM  

Pro SIM is the toolset for all tasks with demanding requirements for maximum precision and accuracy.

domeprojection Plugin Technology

Plugins & SDK

The domeprojection plugin technology based on the ProjectionTools SDK allows to load and apply calibration data generated by ProjectionTools into 3D engines. The export data is generated using the Mapper3D (3D) which is part of the ProjectionTools Pro Sim suite.

domeprojection Plugins for 3D Engines

Customized Plugins
We develop customized plugins for your system.

domeprojection nWarp

Warping and blending solution

nWarp offers an optimal solution for executing warping and blending tasks directly on graphics cards.

Desktop warping is achieved using a standard MS Windows PC in conjunction with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, catering to both professional and private applications.

domeprojection Stacker App for Barco Projectors

Stacker App – the fastest solution for projector stacking

Aligning a projector stack can be challenging. Whether it’s having to master multiple tools, applications that are too complex, or even making physical adjustments.

Download the Stacker App to your mobile or tablet. Easy to set up, simple to use - for perfect results.

Color Calibration for Projectors

Color Calibration with ColorMatch

For a visually appealing and uniform projection, a calibration of the color spectrum of the projectors is necessary.

domeprojection calls this process ColorMatch. For this purpose, the so-called gamut of each projector is determined by means of a measuring device. We use photogrammetrical measuring methods and color measurement instruments for e.g. from JETI Technische Instrumente GmbH or Konica Minolta..

The results of all projectors are compared. A common gamut is calculated, which can be reached by all projectors. Uniform brightness is also defined and a compliant white point is calculated and set. The results of all calculations are finally loaded onto each projector. Currently, we are able to apply this precision process to Zeiss, Sony, Digital Projection and Barco projectors.

Are you interested in ColorMatch?