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The X-Plane 12 Plugin based on the domeprojection SDK, allows to load and apply calibration data generated by ProjectionTools in X-Plane. The export data is generated with Mapper3D (3D), which is part of the ProjectionTools Pro SIM suite.


  • Supports arbitrary screen shapes
  • Warping, blending and black-level correction for multi-channel projections
  • Field of view data is transferred via the ProjectionTools X-Plane export function
  • Only the main window is corrected, 1 channel per instance


  • Windows 64bit
  • Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 and newer, other versions on request)


(*Without a valid plugin license, a watermark will be added to the images.)


warped left channel


Video Tutorials:

Mapper 3D (3D) and X-Plane 12 export.
Export the calibration data to X-Plane using Mapper 3D. Also shown is how to set manual edge blending for 2 channels.

Contact information

If you would like to know more details about using the X-Plane plugin for warping and blending, either independently or in conjunction with ProjectionTools Pro Sim, please contact us as soon as possible: GmbH
Klausenerstr. 47
39112 Magdeburg/Germany

(Please use the contact form preferably.)

 +49 (0) 391 63 60 66 46
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