3D engine plug-in

Another cost-efficient variant to realize warping and blending is to integrate it into the 3D engine. Modern 3D engines allow to filter and geometrically modify graphics and films by using plug-in technologies. Knowledge about the respective engine is substantial for developing a plug-in. To gain this knowledge contracts with manufacturers are necessary.

domeprojection.com® has developed plug-ins for several 3D engines of different manufacturers and several more will be added.

Also our domeprojection.com® SoftwareDevelopmentKit, short SDK, enables any DirectX or OpenGL based application to apply ProjectionTools warping, blending and black level correction data without any dependency on specific warp and blend hardware. It comes with a very compact interface making the integration as simple as possible.

The SDK allows partners to quickly introduce alignment without lost in performance (domeprojection.com® license required). The currently supported 3D engines are listed in the table below.

If you don´t find your favorite manufacturer in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to check whether we can integrate your preferred 3-D engine into your projection system.


Company Product Supported correction type
Bohemia Interactive Simulations VBS3  static warping, blending, blacklevel
Diamond Visionics Genesis   static warping, blending, blacklevel
rFpro  static and dynamic warping, blending, blacklevel
Bagira Systems  static and dynamic warping, blending, blacklevel
Unity3D  static warping, blending, blacklevel
Aechelon Technology pc-Nova  static warping, blending, blacklevel
Quantum3D Mantis  static warping, blending, blacklevel

(dynamic warping is available soon)

VI-grade  static warping, blending, blacklevel
Open Source OpenSG static and dynamic warping, blending, blacklevel

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