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Try out ProjectionTools 5.2

Demo Version ProjectionTools 5.2

Try ProjectionTools 5.2
  • Get familiar with the workflow by using a webcam
  • Tools you can test: PatternGenerator (PG), Creator (CR) Mapper2D (2D).

  • Create your own preview with your multi-channel projection. In case you would like to test export-functions, please write us a message.

Hardware requirements for the ProjectionTools Demo Version:

  • Standard webcam (recommended: Logitech Brio, Logitech C920)
  • 1 PC or Laptop with 3 video outputs, or 1 PC with 2 video outputs for PG - PatternGenerator + 1 control PC

Ask for a remote demo, which can be conducted independently of time and place. The demo training takes a maximum of 1 hour. You will learn how quick and easy auto-calibration and auto-alignment can be for a multiple projector set-up.

How do I get started?

Read the instructions that come with the installation.

  1. After installation, start the PatternGenerator (PG).
  2. Open the Creator (CR) and create a project.
  3. Use the wizard to initialize the screen, connect the projectors via IP addresses, set and position the camera, capture test patterns and generate projection geometry. Save the project.
  4. Open the project in Mapper2D (2D).  Check the calibration result and create a preview.

Request for demo download

Enter your data in the form below. You will receive the download link via email.
Please make sure, that you have entered your correct email address.

ProjectionTools tutorials - to get you started easily

ProjectionTools quick and easy video tutorials

The video tutorials here are intended for a quick introduction to the software. They are particularly designed to offer a swift understanding of key aspects, including initiating a project within the ProjectionTools Creator (CR) and the process of exporting to diverse media servers like Watchout, Resolume, Hippotizer, Pixera or 3D engines like Unreal or Unity. Additional tutorial videos will be released in the near future.

PatternGenerator (PG) and Creator (CR)

ProjectionTools - How to set up a project with a demo setup. The setup consists of 1 PC with 3 video outputs and one camera for screen capturing.

Mapper 2D (2D) and Resolume Arena

This video shows how to export a project from Mapper 2D to Resolume Arena.

Mapper 3D (3D)and Unreal Engine

Export the calibration data in the ProjectionTools SDK format. Utilize the Unreal Plugin to load the data into an nDisplay project within the Unreal Engine. The process of creating and setting up an nDisplay project is also demonstrated.