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ProjectionTools 5.2 makes the alignment of multi-projector systems fast and easy.

ProjectionTools 5.2 is out now!

Learn more about the most flexible auto-alignment solution for Simulation, Training & Entertainment projects. Try out ProjectionTools 5.2 on your PC with the Demo Version.

On the Change-log page you find details of older versions of ProjectionTools.

Key Features:

  • Multiple camera positions are now supported for calibrated fisheye cameras

  • Extended support for Warper4K

  • Support for Basler cameras

  • Localisation (english, german, chinese)

  • LED wall calibration support

  • Online documentation

Creator / Align

  • Automatic removal of outliers
  • Multiple camera positions are now also supported for calibrated fisheye cameras
  • The command line version of Align can now be executed completely without progress dialogues.
  • Marker control now supports TCP/IP messages
  • Support for Basler cameras added


  • Westar Warper4k black level correction and direct test pattern support added
  • Support non 4k Norxe Unify projectors (adjustable native resolution in export settings)
  • Localisation support (German, English, Chinese)


  • LED-Wall calibration based on design data
  • Modifier steps can now be limited to individual channels or channels on a specified mapping

Additional Changes

  • Switched to html based documentation:
  • More useful, type related defaults on channel page in new project wizard
  • Updated CodeMeter backend
  • The global setting for the mesh resolution of Mapper2D and Mapper2dDemo has been removed. Use individual settings for each channel instead.


Try out the demo version of ProjectionTools 5.2 on your own PC, Laptop or Control-PC. Click here to get your free demo version.

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