ProjectionTools 5.0

Projection alignment and calibration was never easier before!

ProjectionTools 5.0 is out now! Learn more about the most flexible auto-alignment solution for Simulation, Training & Entertainment projects. Try out ProjectionTools 5.0 on your PC with the Demo Version .

Key Features ProjectionTools 5.0

  • Scan import and data extraction of more scanner types,
    e.g. Leica BLK360, Leica Nova and common pointcloud formats
    + support of extended mesh formats
  • support of multiple screens, e.g. combining a different shapes in one project
  • automatization with rotation-unit integration and screen corner detection
  • updated architecture, supporting more cameras for measurement
  • new domeprojection PatternGenerator
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Direct Import of 3D Scanning Data with ProjectionTools 5.0

Screenshot showing software interface of projection Tools displaying a triangulation and extraction of  a surface

Direct import & conversion of point-cloud data

Scan Data can be imported directly from Leica
Nova, Leica BLK360 or general point-cloud data formats into ProjectionTools 5.0. Surfaces and markers are extracted.

New Data export possibilities

We support export to Warper4k, as well as  export to Barco Pulse with custom names (multiple correction sets on projector).

Support of Multiple Screens

Model of a screen combination  displayed in

We support multiple screens now, e.g. you can combine a cylindrical screen with the floor in one project. Multiple screens can be combined in Creator, to match more complex screens/scenes without the need to import a mesh containing the complete setup. Also the torus screen-shape is now supported.

New domeprojection PatternGenerator

ProjectionTools PatternGenerator

The new Qt-based PatternGenerator, already known from the  Demo-Version, now becomes a standard and is included in the ProjectionTools installer.

The new PatternGenerator can be used only with the keyboard – no mouse necessary.

More Automizations

automated screen corner detection

Screen corner detection

Corners of black framed screens are detected automatically as markers to estimate camera positions.

Integration of rotation units

Using cameras on a rotation unit is much more simplified now, We integrated support for Clauss Rodeon rotation units. You can setup connections, configure and move to target rotations directly in Creator and Align.

Additional Features and changes

  • 64bit builds
  • Warper4k export
  • Barco Pulse export to custom names (multiple correction sets on a projector)
  • SDK exporter MapperPM support
  • general scan editing and data extraction re-implementation
  • screen extraction available in Creator
  • edit multiple projection-channels at once
  • orthographic views
  • easy add/remove viewpoints in Mapper3d
  • MapperPM traced full mesh visualization
  • adjustable marker size in ATP tool
  • new Deheng Camera support (we support now AVT or Daheng Cameras)

Try out ProjectionTools 5.0

Try out the demo version of ProjectionTools 5.0 on your own PC, Laptop or Control-PC. Click here to get your free demo version.

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