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Mixed Reality

Research project “MedProjection”

The research project “3D Projections to Support Medical Training and Interventions” has been carried out by OVGU Magdeburg, Stimulate Campus Magdeburg and It aimed at investigating the benefits and usage of augmented reality projections in the context of medical diagnosis & planning and computer assisted surgery, as well as education and training of medical students and staff.

Project details

The med projection setup allows to project and manipulate 3D medical volume data, e.g. anatomy, MRT data or derma structures projected on a physical 3D body surface. The volume data are projected onto the surface corresponding to the users viewing perspective and they are adapted to the users movements in real time.

A set of interaction techniques, e.g. 3D gestural interactions to manipulate medical data, have been explored and evaluated by our research partner.

  • Projection of VR and AR Scenes with Unity3D and Unreal

  • Projection of 3D Object surfaces and volume data

  • Projection volume: 1600 x 1600 x 650 mm (extendable)

  • Resolution approx. 1,25 mm / Pixel

  • Integration of HTC Vive Tracker and Controller

  • 3D high resolution scanning

  • Fast recalibration

Project details