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Telekom Design Gallery, Bonn (Germany) – Spline Curved Screen

The Telekom Design Gallery is a permanent gallery of Deutsche Telekom, located in Bonn, GERMANY. It presents a variety of scenarios of day-to-day life with digitally connected products and services.

All images with kind permission of Deutsche Telekom.

Project details was contracted in 2017 to install their AutoAlignment system to a narrow, spline curved screen projection in a meeting point scenario. A main requirement of the projection was an unobtrusive alignment system, that is invisible during normal use of the exhibition. Therefore we developed a set of magnetically attachable retro reflective spherical markers, which can be mounted and detached easily to the projection area. The detachable calibration camera is mounted on a special rotation unit at the ceiling.

  • ProjectionTools Pro AV with Auto Alignment camera system

  • Spline curved screen

  • 12 channels

  • Detachable camera on rotation unit at the ceiling