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Omega Museum, Biel (CH) – 180° & 360° cinemas

The OMEGA Museum in Biel was the first museum dedicated to a single Swiss watchmaker, and has been sporting a new look since spring 2019. The museum tells the story of the watch brand in a varied and interactive way, through exhibits enhanced by multimedia. Panasonic projectors (PT-RZ660 and ET-DLE060) have been installed in two cinemas, 360° and 180°.

*All images with kind permission of Omega S.A.

Project details AutoAlignment system has been installed in both cinemas to handle the calibration of the projection systems. The AutoAlignment system ensures that the vibrations from the wooden building and the image shifts they cause are offset and the projection system is automatically readjusted. The cinemas have a relatively small diameter of 8.5m, so it is particularly  important there are no visible imperfections in the focus or overall picture quality. provided services for initial calibration and setting up the recalibration process for use with dataton WATCHOUT.

  • ProjectionTools Pro AV with A- Align

  • cylindrical screen, 8.5m diameter with 360° coverage, 8 projection channels

  • cylindrical screen, 8.5m diameter with 180° coverage, 3 projection channels