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Mixed Reality

LED Cave studios, Mannheim

We are pleased that the cooperation with Studio L.O.U.P. at LEDcave Mannheim has been successful and that our ProjectionTools with the newly developed UnrealPlugin have been able to facilitate and accelerate realistic projections in the LEDcave. We scanned the architecture of the cave using our ProjectionTools and created a virtual representation of the physical room. In addition, we calculated a correct shading, blending and color correction of the panels.

The Studio uses the Unreal Engine to create VR content and to display it onto the LED panels. We have developed our UnrealPlugin to support dynamic viewports and the required dynamic image correction . This enables us to apply our correction data, including dynamic color correction, to the Unreal scene. See the report and Nils Calles’ video interview with Frank Junghahn at

Project details

LED Cave studios, Mannheim

LEDcave by Rent Event Tec  is a virtual production and XR studio suitable for film, advertising, live events and more. In the studio Faceted Screens or LED Caves are used for virtual productions displaying virtual environments and backdrops.

Such systems have the demand of high precision and dynamic warping and color correction. Whenever the viewer is moving the warping of the displayed scene must be modified in real time.

Flexible ProjectionTools for LED screens

Our ProjectionsTools allow you to setup much more than only projections. Other display technologies, like Faceted Screens or LED Caves with the demand of high precision can also be calibrated to achieve a level of quality which is only possible with ProjectionTools.

Especially whenever the viewer is moving the warping must be modified in real time. This is e.g. necessary if Film and advertising studios use LED Caves for virtual productions displaying virtual environments and backdrops.

The setup with ProjectionTools for an LED Cave display systems is done efficiently in a very short time.Thus, mobile environments are also possible. Several different virtual setups can be managed with the ProjectionTools.

This feature was developed for our Partner Rent Event Tec.

Dynamic Color Correction

Another important aspect when setting up Virtual Production rooms is the color correction of the panels. Due to different alignments of the panel structures, color differences between neighboring panels are sometimes visible.

However, these color differences depend on the viewing angle and therefore have to be corrected depending on the current viewer position. In order to determine the necessary color correction for each panel for any given viewer position, a camera-based analysis tool measures the radiation behavior of the panels.

Based on the recognized pattern, the color correction can be performed in real time by a plugin and automatically adjusted. In combination with a tracking system, which detects the viewer and transmit this position to the plugin, a display without color differences is achieved for a moving eyepoint.

Precise measurement

The technology for measuring these screens is the same for all displays. The setup is first created with the Creator or the Designer application. The structure is determined by 3d image processing.

Additionally, the alignment of the panel structure is recognized. The created structures can be exported and loaded directly into 3d Engines. for our Partner Rent Event Tec.