The® Software Development Kit (SDK) enables any DirectX or OpenGL based computer program to apply ProjectionTools warping, blending and black level correction data – independent of specific warp and blend hardware.


  • viewpoint dependent warping:
    truly perspective correct, perfectly blended projections on curved screens for fixed eye points or changing in real-time
  • two shading passes:
    both support clipping, uniformity correction, color uniformity and shading
  • black level correction:
    supports monochrome or colored black level correction (blc)
  • arbitrary virtual camera:
    no limitation – supports symmetric and asymmetric frusta and the camera can be freely orientated in yaw, pitch and roll

Each feature can be enabled or disabled during runtime as well as applied by a custom amount.

If you would like your software to be supported, Please contact us. ►



Code” by Michael Himbeault can be reused under the CC BY 2.0 license

The very compact interface of the SDK makes the integration as simple as possible. It allows partners to quickly introduce alignment without any loss in performance (® license required).


Here you can find a selection of currently supported applications:

Aechelon Technoloy AVsimulation Bagira
Bohemia Interactive Quantum3D
rFpro Unreal
Unity Wärtsilä