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VIOSO acquires

VIOSO acquires domeprojection and becomes the largest provider of auto-alignment solutions.

Düsseldorf (Germany), 21st November 2023 – Düsseldorf-based company VIOSO GmbH, a global provider of automated alignment solutions for complex projection and visual systems, today announced that it has acquired 100% of the shares of GmbH.

This acquisition further strengthens  the positions of VIOSO and domeprojection as leading providers of auto-alignment solutions, opening up new horizons in the AV and Simulation sectors for system integrators worldwide.

The immediate embodiment of this acquisition will be visible at next week’s I/ITSEC 2023 show, where VIOSO will be joining domeprojection on booth #2164.

Domeprojection will continue to operate under the leadership of its current managing director, Christian Steinmann, as an independent brand under the name "domeprojection – a VIOSO simulation company". Steinmann will also become shareholder of VIOSO.

Benjamin Fritsch, managing director of VIOSO GmbH, states: "This acquisition is a major milestone in our company's history, with the competition becoming partners in the best sense. VIOSO's overall expertise in the AV market and the massive growth in simulation market perfectly aligns with domeprojection's competence and reputation in the simulation branch. This is a unique alliance with a grand vision and incredible possibilities for our customers."

The Magdeburg location and the existing team of domeprojection will remain unchanged. The collaboration will align domeprojection's outstanding technological advancements with VIOSO's proven simulation technologies and infrastructures, creating the industry’s most comprehensive provider of auto-alignment technologies. This includes groundbreaking software and hardware solutions tailored to the simulation and AV application sectors, including dome projections, spherical displays, and complex projection mappings, among others.

The acquisition also enables VIOSO to further expand worldwide and, especially, in the USA, where the company plans to open dedicated offices.

"VIOSO’s AV business, which has completed thousands of projects in the AV and media server sector in the last few years, will also benefit from new opportunities, including solutions for XR installations and LED screens," adds VIOSO chief sales officer Raul Vandenberg.

Christian Steinmann, managing director of domeprojection, expresses enthusiasm about the transaction: "This union represents a win-win situation for our two companies. We are thrilled to be part of the VIOSO family and confident that this partnership will further enhance our innovation capabilities."

The VIOSO Group, represented by VIOSO and domeprojection, will exhibit at I/ITSEC, the world's largest modelling, simulation and training event, in Orlando (Florida, USA, 27th November to 1st December). I/ITSEC visitors are invited to meet with the team on booth #2164 to learn more about both companies’ solutions for the simulation sector, including VIOSO 6 SIM and domeprojection’s ProjectionTools Pro SIM. Software capabilities will be showcased via an immersive Panadome set-up.

Christian Steinmann, Managing Director domeprojection GmbH, Benjamin Fritsch, Managing Director VIOSO GmbH

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