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ProjectionTools 5.1 makes the alignment of multi-projector systems fast and easy.

ProjectionTools 5.1 is out now!

Learn more about the most flexible auto-alignment solution for Simulation, Training & Entertainment projects. Try out ProjectionTools 5.1 on your PC with the Demo Version.

On the Change-log page you find details of older versions of ProjectionTools.

Key Features:

  • PatternGenerator alternatives

  • New easy camera switching features

  • New clipping editor features

  • Export and upload of warping and blending for Luna Warpbox, Barco Projectors, Norxe Projectors.

PatternGenerator Alternatives

  • Sometimes IGs can’t be accessed on-site or media-servers are blocked from installing a PatternGenerator.

  • With the new function of sending test patterns directly to projectors, warpboxes or media-servers, you can calibrate without installing a PatternGenerator.

  • This simplifies the process considerably.

Curved shapes in Clipping-Editor

  • Clipping- and masking-editors now support curved shapes through rounded vertices in polygons.

  • Select a vertex of a polygon and activate “rounded”. Now clipping of curved shapes and clipping using spherical polar mappings can be done accurately with far less control points.

New Camera Features (Creater / Align)

  • allow to switch between Daheng and Vimba backend through `Help->Camera Backend…`. No more manual dll renaming/moving when switching between these two camera manufacturers.
  • Added search and sort functionality to camera exchange dialog, which is now conveniently accessible from the camera dockwidget.

  • AVT  Alvium support.

New Disto3d related Features (Creater)

Measure points with Disto3D directly from Creator

Position Finding using Disto3D reference markers

  • Leica Disto3D can be used for projecting reference markers during position finding.

  • This is an additional option in cases where no fixed markers or lasers are installed in a system.

  • The markers can be auto-detected by posfinder in the whole camera image (like coded LEDs or codemarkers).

New Exports

Additional Changes

  • Cleaned up mesh winding orders
  • New Black Level Correction chip oversize preview
  • BLK scan import lists scan dates
  • Identify preview shows additional lines to better check projection layout


Try out the demo version of ProjectionTools 5.1 on your own PC, Laptop or Control-PC. Click here to get your free demo version.

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