ProjectionTools Training

Business People at a Workshop

Training at our site ProjectionTools is the ultimate set of calibration tools which allows you to make the most out of your high quality projection system.

In the workshops, customers and integrators get prepared to work with our ProjectionTools. We offer individual training units, which are tailored to your needs and based on a modular concept.

Alone or in small groups, we will impart theoretical background know-how and practical skills to you. Sessions can take place on-site at your premise or at our office in Magdeburg. We will provide you with the necessary training materials and are also available to assist you after finishing training.

Remote Training Setup

Remote Training

Alternatively we also offer ProjectionTools Remote Training which can be carried out independent of time and place. You only need a computer and a stable internet connection.

You will get to know how you can use ProjectionTools to realize and optimize your projection project. Necessary training materials are provided. After you have finished the training we are available to assist you for further questions.

An individual appointment can be made for the meeting. To register, simply fill out the small form below and we get back to you as soon as possible.

Training Modules

Module 0 – Demo Training (remote)

For more information and demonstration of our technology you can sign up for our free 1h remote training. Explore the possibilities for creating beautiful 2D projections and try out 3 tools: Creator, Mapper2D & PatternGenerator. This training does not require to have any projection equipment at hand, only a standard webcam is necessary. 

Module 1 – Single Cam AV

Single Cam AV module is aimed at users with single camera systems. This course will introduce you to the system calibration by using the PatternGenerator as well as the Creator. After successful completion of module one you are able to set up simple installations and to perform 2D Mapping.

Module 2 – Pro AV

Pro AV training is based on the Single Cam AV module. We will deepen the knowledge about the Creator and Mapper 2D. You will learn to measure projections with several cameras and get to know which role markers are playing in this context. As a result you can export and play back fully corrected videos with mediaplayer software, such as Watchout.

Module 3 – Pro Sim

Pro Sim is based on the Single Cam AV module. We will explain the field of view and viewpoint settings and their relation to simulation software. After graduation, you can work with markers and measure multi-camera systems, as well as export data suited for 3-dimensional scenes. With the acquired abilities, you are able to set up your simulator visual by yourself.

Module 4 – Integrator

We impart you as an integrator with all know-how you need about the ProjectionTools. After finishing the module, you can professionally use each ProjectionTool to work on a client’s project. After graduation of the workshop you will be able to plan and set up the AutoAlignment installations independently.

Module 5 – AutoAlignment

This training is intended to customers who already have a completely installed projection system and want to realign it by using the already installed cameras. The workshop will take place on-site at the projection system.

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    Our ProjectionTools workshops are adapted to the requirements of our customers in terms of scope and transfer of knowledge. After successful completion, you will get a certificate of participation with the workshop description and the provided knowledge.