Calibration Grid in Hsinchu

Camera and System

We offer you our time- and cost-efficient calibration service for highly complex multi-channel projections on arbitrary screens.

We are planning and implementing the auto-alignment system for your project as well as provide the complete installation and initial calibration. Finally, we will provide automatization of the complete system for easy operation by maintenance personnel.

In our professional calibration lab, cameras will be calibrated to be used for different distances.

Business People at a Workshop

ProjectionTools Training
(on-site or remote)

In our ProjectionTools training, customers and integrators get prepared to work with our ProjectionTools. We offer individual training units, which are tailored to your needs and based on a modular concept.

Alone or in small groups, we will impart theoretical background know-how and practical skills to you. Sessions can take place on-site at your premise or at our office in Magdeburg. Alternatively we also offer remote training which can be carried out independent of time and place.

We will provide you with the necessary training materials and are also available to assist you after finishing training.