Fraunhofer IFF Elbe Dome 2.0 – 360° Mixed Reality Lab

The Fraunhofer “Elbedome 2.0” is a Mixed-Reality Lab with a 400 m² large-scale projection. It consists of a cylindrical 360° projection screen with a diameter of 16 meters and a height of 4 meters. The wall projection is seamlessly combined with a floor projection. It can be used to visualize factories, technical facilities, as well as macro- and microscopic structures.

Images with kind permission of Fraunhofer IFF.

The projection area has been renewed in 2018 along with a 25-channel 3D stereo laser projection system.

Planning and hardware installation by project: syntropy GmbH.
Calibration and Autocal by

Products used:

ProjectionTools details:

  • 360° full dome + floor projection
  • Diameter 16m
  • 25 channels
  • 3D stereo laser projection
  • Dynamic warping, blending and black-level correction applied directly in 3D engine
  • One camera + spectrometer on a rotation unit