FKFS – Motion Vehicle Simulator

The Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS) and the University of Stuttgart (GERMANY) have jointly constructed the largest motion vehicle simulator which has ever been built at a research institution in Europe. In cooperation with Viscon,® was asked to perform calibration of the dome. The project was realized as part of the R&D project VALIDATE with 3.7 million EUR by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The driving simulator consists of a hexapod, which can replicate yaw, pitch and roll movements and also has a linear motion range of 7×10 m on the x/y rails to be able to realistically recreate the linear motions, which occur when accelerating and braking. The projection system is equipped with twelve LED-projectors.® was commissioned to install the multi-camera ProjectionTools auto-alignment system and to perform the initial calibration of the 12 channel hemispheric projection system.
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Products used:

ProjectionTools details:

  • spherical screen
  • network I/O controlled LED markers
  • openWarp warping units
  • camera with rotating head
  • including projectors for rear-view mirrors (multiple eyepoints)