CSMART Academy – Center for Simulator Maritime Training

CSMART Academy (Almere/NETHERLANDS) is a center for maritime training. The Dutch partner company Pro Systems commissioned domeprojection.com to help to install the four Full Mission Bridge Simulators of this facility. Pro Systems created the design and construction of the screens and tasked domeprojection.com to install the hardware and software for the projection systems.

domeprojection.com set up the display systems of nine ship bridge simulators in total. The software ProjectionTools developed by domeprojection.com enables the engineers to set up projection technology automatically and to precisely calculate spatial projections. It also allows seamless multichannel projections. This makes a nearly authentic view into virtual environments possible. Each full-mission bridge simulator of CSMART is framed by a cylindrical 220 degree horizontal field of view with two additional sets of bridge wings with dome projection, each with a 180 degree field of view. The screens of these replicas of original ship bridges are now projected with virtual environments as a result of the teamwork of Pro Systems and domeprojection.com. The database of this virtual environment does not only contain data of major cruise ports. Also, the sea and weather conditions can be changed. The result is that the simulation not only looks deceptively real, it feels like it too.

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