Projector Stacking has never been easier

Install perfect stacked projections within seconds with the new Stacker App on your mobile device.

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The All-In-One Solution for Projector Stack calibration


Aligning a projector stack can be challenging. Whether it’s having to master multiple tools, applications that are too complex, or even making physical adjustments, there can be many complications. Enter the Stacker App. Simple to set up, simple to use and produces perfect results.
Stacking principle

Combine the lumens of each projector to create one image that is nearly double the brightness that could be supplied by a single unit. Up to four projectors are supported to increase the brightness even further.

Until now setting up projector stacks has been time-consuming. First, the largest common projection area has to be determined. Then the warp of each individual projector must be adjusted accordingly.

With the Stacker App from setup time is reduced by around 90%. Just follow these easy steps.

Install projectors and overlap images.

Start Stacker App & connect to projectors.

Align projectors automatically using mobile device camera.

Save the warping to projectors. The stack is calibrated.

Google Play


The Stacker App is available on the Apple AppStore and on Google Playstore.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 13 or later.

Compatible with Android 8.0 or later.

The Stacker App currently supports Barco Pulse platform projectors such as:
FS40, F70, FS70, F80, F90, UDM, UDX.

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