Four River Pavilion The ARC (Daegu, Korea) - 360° projection

Four River Pavilion The ARC (Daegu, South Korea)® installed its ProjectionTools AutoAlignment and calibrated a large 34-channel projection system of a large circle way, which is the main attraction inside the Four River Pavilion The ARC in Daegu, South Korea.

In the Four River Pavilion The ARC with its spectacular architecture by Hani Rashid a 60m x 20m large seamless projection has been installed in the shape of a Moebius-strip. The Pavilion was opened during the course of the World EXPO 2012 in South Korea as one of the four rivers cultural pavilions and showcases the last project of the environmental Four River Restoration Project: since almost all rivers in South Korea have been regulated and its ecosystems have been destroyed, the project aims to reconstruct the environs of the four rivers Han, Nakdong, Geum and Yeong San.

ProjectionTools details

  • Canon camera
  • semi-automatic alignment with one camera multiple positions
  • recalibration of segments possible
  • Watchout export
  • Mapper 2D
  • AutoAlignment
  • custom mapping
  • 49 channels
  • presplit video
Stereoscopic Environmental Projection - PALM Expo, Mumbai, 2014

PALM Expo Mumbai 2014® supported a stereoscopic environmental projection at PALM EXPO 2014 in Mumbai, India. The spectacular 3D projection was created by BARTKRESA design, a renowned projection mapping specialist and featured a Infitec 3D projection system with Christie projectors. It also included a fulldome projection, which was mastered and calibrated by our partner Omagica using our ProjectionTools.

City of Dreams Macau - Dragon's Treasure - Falcon's Treehouse Attraction Design Services

City of Dreams, Macau SAR – ‘The Bubble’

The City of Dreams – the largest recreational resort in Macau SAR – has had an ellipsoid dome projection – the Bubble – with 20m in height, 36m in length and 27m in width at the centre of its attractions. The projection surface of 1.700 consisted of specially coated sheet metal plates and was powered by 15 Christie HD+30k projectors, delivering a resolution of 36 mega-pixels. It was the worldʼs largest special effects projection dome and costed nearly USD 40 million. It ran a 10-minute multi-media show called ‘Dragon’s Treasure’ (now suspended): the movie was supported by lots of practical effects, fire, smoke and over 29.000 LED lights.® was contracted to adapt and install their AutoAlignment system for the gigantic installation and to do the initial calibration of ‘The Bubble’. We developed dedicated software modules for ‘The Bubble’ and installed a multi-camera AutoAlignment system in the dome, which allowed for re-calibration of the whole projection system within very short time.

ProjectionTools details

  • fulldome
  • 15 channels
  • 4 fixed installed Canon cameras using standard lenses
  • Mapper 2D
  • AutoAlignment
  • presplit Video