ProjectionTools 4.1.0 available

The new minor release ProjectionTools 4.1.0 is available.

The upgrade involves ProjectionTools itself, PatternGenerator, ColorMatch, nWarp and the® SDK.

Below you can find an overview of the most important innovations.

Automatic detection of cutted dots

In Creator and Align you can choose a new calibration pattern of rings, which allows to automatically detect cutted dots. In this way, the dot-pattern less often needs to be adjusted manually. The detected full dots are stored as a dot pattern for following calibration runs.

Coloured blending and black-level correction

Mapper3d now supports colour tweaking of blending and black-level correction. This improves software blending and the results of black-level correction in difficult situations.

Tight integration with several 3D engines

The® SDK, which supports static and dynamic warping, is adopted by more and more 3D engines. It got updated to support the new coloured blending and black-level correction feature (see above). In addition, Mapper3d now has a dedicated® SDK exporter making the export step much more convenient.

Additional new features and improvements

  • Exporting of reference points
  • Creator & Align: Only the image all points is projected on screen when simulating a project.
  • Points that are not part of the dot pattern aren’t detected anymore during image processing (allows later removing of points by editing the dot pattern and avoids false detections).
  • MPCDI exporter: possibility to adjust the level – for better compatibility with systems not supporting the highest level 4
  • Dedicated VI-grade VI-GraphSim exporter added
  • Preview 3D exporter: quicker previews by selecting reduced blending resolution; choosing custom environment texture


  • Transfer to align now copies camera settings as well.
  • Marker no more disappear when dragging while camera live mode is activated.
  • Creating projects with uncalibrated cameras works again.
  • Fixed randomly broken frames using AVT GigE cameras.
  • Align command line version now reports errors as return-value and in console instead of message boxes.
  • Barco Pulse exporter now regards individual upload checkmarks.
  • Fixed slight preview error in Brightness-Adjust Widget.
  • Fixed pipeline and modifier stack steps potentially getting shuffled when moving them up/down.

ProjectionTools 4.0

The following features and workflow improvements have already been available in ProjectionTools 4.0.

Speed improvements

  • Much faster handling of screen scans and reference mesh mappings
  • Fast align for projectors that have not significantly moved since last calibration

Workflow enhancements

  • Modifier stack in Mapper3d for non-destructive manipulation of calibration data
  • Creator: dedicated Reference Points Editor with more flexible marker import
  • Align projects: more streamlined setup
  • Improvements of visualizations and handling of the Dot Pattern Editor
  • Combination of multiple mappings in one project
  • Direct control of active markers
  • Show projector outlines on projection screen: aligning projectors quickly after exchange
  • Black-level chip oversize preview added
  • Existing projects: projector resolution change possible
  • Default dot pattern: determined by resolution and aspect ratio
  • One installer for the complete set of® ProjectionTools, allowing to select the appropriate configuration according to the owned license (SingleCam AV / Pro AV / Pro Sim)

Increased accuracy

  • Blending and black-level-correction: calculation with floating-point precision
  • Black-level-correction
    • Advanced based on measurements regarding uniformity and contrast of projectors
    • Using smooth black-level correction transitions where possible – better results with overlaps of more than two projectors
  • Compensation of projector shadowing
  • Improved Posfinder visualisation accuracy
  • More precise fadeout control

Equipment support extended

  • AVT Mako cameras
  • Barco Pulse exporter
  • AV Stumpfl Wings exporter
  • dataton Watchout exporter
  • Coolux Pandoras box exporter supporting non-presplit content
  • nWarp exporter