ProjectionTools and nBlend for 1st Scandinavian Airbus H145 FFS (EASA Level D)

First Scandinavia located H145 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) achieved EASA Level D qualification, supplied by Reiser Simulation and Training in cooperation with® and norxe. Magdeburg / Berlin / Stavanger (Norway), August 24th, 2018: Reiser Simulation and Training’s Airbus H145 Full Flight Simulator (FFS), which features a visual display system supported by® ProjectionTools and our […]

Ship bridge simulations made in Magdeburg

On Saturday, 11 March 2017, one of the world’s largest training centres opened its doors near Amsterdam (Netherlands). A company from Magdeburg also participated in the opening:®. The engineers of these company made it possible that future captains complete their training under absolutely realistic conditions. Magdeburg / Berlin / Almere (Netherlands), March 11, 2017. […]® revolutionized the way optical blend masks are produced

The first demonstration of NBlend Optical Blend System by® was received enthusiastically at I/ITSEC 2016 in Orlando. In an interview Christian Steinmann, CTO of® explains how they got the idea for NBlend, which difficulties they faced during the development and why NBlend is a revolutionary product. Berlin / GERMANY, Dec 14, 2016.  Most […]® is partner of EU-co-funded research project MedProjection

Das Vorhaben „MedProjection“ zielt auf die Erforschung und Entwicklung eines medizinischen Projektionssystems ab. Die Oberfläche, auf die projiziert werden soll, wird erfasst und in die Darstellung der Projektion mit einbezogen. Die Erfassung und Vermessung des Objektes ermöglicht eine korrekte Darstellung von medizinischen Inhalten und anderen Informationen auf dem Körper eines Patienten während einer Operation.