System calibration® has long-time experience in calibration of hundreds of highly complex multi-channel projections on arbitrary screens. We are pleased to offer you our time- and cost-efficient calibration service.
We are planning and implementing the auto-alignment system for your specific project as well as provide the complete installation and initial calibration. Finally, we will provide automatisation of the complete system for easy operation by maintenance personnel. When only calibration as a service is required we will bring our entire camera equipment and dedicated hi-end measuring technology for calibration. If specific interfaces or exporters are necessary for your projection, our developer team will be able to integrate these quickly and easily into our ProjectionTools software.

Of course, after system calibration we will still be available for you by our support system.
Unless you have a dedicated maintenance contract we will support you as soon as possible during normal office hours from Monday to Friday, 08:30h to 16:30h (GMT+1 or GMT+2 during daylight saving time).

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Camera Calibration

Camera calibration

The purpose of® is to deliver the best projection quality and to ensure the highest precision of our calibration. Thus, we use only calibrated cameras for measurement of projection screens to enhance the accuracy of the overall calibration for our quality-aware customers.

By employing a complex calibration process, both the chip geometry of the camera and the distortion of the dedicated lens is measured. The resulting data is saved and directly included into the calibration project. Only using calibrated cameras and lenses will improve the quality of the projection system calibration by excluding measurement errors from the hardware.

Calibration service

In our professional calibration lab, cameras will be calibrated to be used for different distances. You will receive a parameter file with the distortion coefficients, the focal length as well as the values of the chip geometry correction.

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Rental® offers rental of software and hardware in addition to our wide range of software tools and services. You can choose between high-precision measurement instruments or calibrated camera systems. Even the ProjectionTools software is available for rental for temporary installations.

The following hardware and software components are available:

  • Canon 5d Mark II, 14mm fixed focal length, calibrated
  • Canon 6d, 14mm fixed focal length, calibrated
  • AVT Oscar, fixed focal length 4.2mm, calibrated
  • IDS μEye 5480, fixed focal length 4.0mm, calibrated
  • Camera and measuring stands
  • Leica 3D Disto
  • Leica Multistation MS 50
  • ProjectionTools Pro AV
  • ProjectionTools Pro Sim


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