ProjectionTools 4.2.0 available

The team of® says hello to the new minor release ProjectionTools 4.2.0. The most important innovations of the projection calibration system involve:

  • Projection mapping support to calibrate arbitrary screen shapes with any complex surface
  • Support of coded LEDs to identify reference points
  • Demo version of® ProjectionTools
  • Some more new features and improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Improved integration of the generated calibration data
  • Extended equipment support

Here is an overview of the most important innovations.

ProjectionTools Exporters for Media Servers AV Stumpfl Pixera and AV Stumpfl Wings

Measurement data resulting from® ProjectionsTools can now be exported directly to the Media Servers AV Stumpfl Pixera and AV Stumpfl Wings. This is possible due to the new dedicated exporters  used to integrate the calibration data independent of 3rd party warping and blending solutions. Here you can find a selection of possible exporters which are currently available.