NextGen Immersive Entertainment @INFOCOMM 2013

After having received enormously positive feedback for our mobile dome projection system at FILMART 2013 in Hong Kong we demonstrated next generation immersive entertainment dome at InfoComm China 2013 in Beijing. More »

Four River Pavilion The ARC – 34-channel projection installed its ProjectionTools auto-alignment and calibrated a large 34-channel projection system of a large circle way, which is the main attraction inside the Four River Pavilion The ARC in Daegu, South More »

EXPO 2012 Korea Pavilion ‘Mega Circle Theatre’

domeprojection planned and integrated a 30meter- diameter cylinder projection with 12 FullHD projection channels and a seamlessly intertwined projection dome with a height of 7.5m with 9 additional projection channels, the 'Mega More »

Immersive Dome Cinema at prolight + sound 2012 presented a fully immersive fulldome movie experience using an 8-channel projection (by digital projection) in a 10m 360° wrap-around dome at Prolight+Sound 2012 in Frankfurt/Main. More »

Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Inauguration VIP-Event planned and calibrated the dome projection for Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Inauguration VIP-Event 'The Arrival' in Lubmin - a 22-channel 360° projection with a fulldome movie inside a 25m tent. More »

Max-Planck Inst. f. biological Cybernetics – PanoLab has installed several versions of dForm auto-alignment at the virtual environment PanoLab of the Max-Planck Institute for biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen D, since 2006. More »

IABG – Fighter Simulator

project: syntropy provided dome projection 5-channel high-resolution display solution with a FOV of 220° x -25°/+110° and auto-alignment for fighter simulator by IABG AG. More »

City of Dreams, Macau SAR – ‘The Bubble’ installed their multi-camera dForm auto-alignment at worldʼs largest special effects projection dome 'The Bubble' at City of Dreams Macau, ft. a projection surface of 1.700 sq m, 16 2k-projection channels with More »

Fraunhofer IFF VDTC Elbe-Dome – 360° LASER Projection has been commissioned to do the calibration of world's only 360° cylinder projection with a diameter of 16m and a height of 6.5m, equipped with 6 LASER projectors, the Elbe-Dom Mixed More »


ProjectionTools Auto-Cal [ProSuite] & [EasySuite]® ProjectionTools AutoCal Suites are currently available in two versions: [EasySuite] for all applications where a single camera calibration is sufficient and [ProSuite] for all applications which require multi camera set-ups. Both suites will provide you with an easy to use and flexible tool, which will bring out the maximum quality of your projection display.

AutoCal [ProSuite] – ultimate projection quality made easy!
The multi camera auto-cal version of ProjectionTools allows you to control an unlimited number of cameras and -positions to calibrate complex visual display systems with unprecedent accuracy and flexibility. AutoCal [ProSuite] enables you to take control of even the tiniest aspects of the visual display system to achieve a perfect reproducible calibration from any given eyepoint. Many installations such as training simulators include a cockpit or an operator cabin to make the environment as realistic as possible.
To deliver the best calibration for such systems it is absolutely necessary to use multiple calibration cameras due to the blocking factor of the cockpit/cabin. Fulldome cinema is another area where multiple cameras are required.

For further information please download our Autocal [ProSuite] Leaflet.

AutoCal [EasySuite] – projection quality at speed!® 
ProjectionTools is the most versatile automatic display calibration system on the market for calibration of 
arbitrary screen shapes. 
It is scalable from portable, easy-to-use single camera systems for installations which can be captured by one camera (also supports fisheye lens) up to hi-end fixed installations requiring multi- camera calibration. No matter which ProjectionTools system you use, it will always facilitate you – as opposed to competitive products – by offering no limitation in projector channels, projection resolution (include 4K/ch.), screen shapes and will enable you to use it with any warp and blend solution or media server you choose.
The single camera auto-cal version of ProjectionTools allows you a set-up of a multi channel single camera calibration – yet delivering a final result of high accuracy and flexibility. The single camera’s fast set-up and speedy recalibration makes it 
ideal for staging, rental and event.

For further information please download our Autocal [EasySuite] Leaflet.

Watch a demo video of auto-alignment process
(english subtitles available)